How to Convert Canon C500 4K MXF Video to Mac iMovie/FCP?

The Canon EOS C500 Digital Cinema Camera offers 4K resolution and RAW output to go head-to-head with cameras like the RED Scarlet. It ranges of recording and output options specifically for 4K and 2K image acquisition. It can record super high resolution (4096x2160 pixels) videos in MXF format and also 2048*1080 or 1920*1080.

Note: 4K is more and more popular, as 1080P is great for web video but not for traditional moviemaking. But it requires a massive amount of GPU processing to handle 4K Raw files.

Therefore, Even though FCPX can handle 4K content (even 4K HFR up to 60P), it only works well as long as your machine is not doing the heavy lifting. So when you edit C500 4K Raw in FCPX, most of the time it is very taxing on your Mac. In order to smoothly edit C500 4K Raw in FCP, you'd better convert the Canon C500 4K raw video files to Apple ProRes etc common video formats first.

Canon C500 4K to Mac Converter allows you to convert raw 4K MXF video files from Canon 4K camcorder to MOV, MP4, AVI, Apple ProRes etc for importing to Mac iMovie/FCP for editing. It also can help convert Canon 2K, 1080P MXF video to MP4 etc for easier compatible with Mac.

Simple Convert Canon C500 4K Raw MXF to Mac iMovie/FCP

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1: Import Canon C500 4K Raw to Canon C500 HD Converter
Free download, install and run the Mac HD Converter and then drag and drop the source 4K Raw files onto the main interface of the program for preparation.
Canon C500 4K to Mac

2: Choose Apple ProRes 422 as the output format
After loading the 4K Raw files, directly choose "Profile" > "Final Cut Pro" > "Apple ProRes 422 MOV" as the output format.
Convert C500 4K to Mac

3: Edit Canon C500 4K Raw Files in FCPX
When the settings are done, simply press "Convert" button on the lower right to launch the conversion from 4K Raw to ProRes. Wait a while, and the conversion will be perfectly done. Thereafter, you can import the converted Canon C500 4K files to FCP/iMovie.

24.9 MB $39 Get Windows Version